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Super Mom
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I hope you find some humor, information or a smile for your day. If you are reading this, you may have MS or know someone with MS. The main thing to remember is we are normal people who learn how to go about our daily lives in different and sometimes unique ways.

Monday, February 16, 2009


For 2009 my resolution was to surround myself with positivity. I will look for the good in having MS and will definitely try and approach it with a positive attitude. I can lean towards the negative on my own so I will remove myself from negative influences.

When I was waiting during the two months between when I was first sure myself that I had Multiple Sclerosis and delivery of the “official” diagnosis with test results from the doctor, I received some of the best advice from my trainer. I had been working with Allie for 6 months as we tried different approaches to my walking problems and leg fatigue. I came in the gym one day and we sat in the locker room while I cried and told her I did not know if I had MS or not. She asked me, “why I was upset ?” I told her, “I don’t know what I am going to do or how I will continue to work out.”

In a matter of fact voice she said, “if you have made it this long with MS then knowing will help you know what you are fighting and you can get the medication you need. It will be easier if you know what you are dealing with. You have struggled to do certain things so a name for it will not make the symptoms worse.”

In a very short amount of time and very few words, she summed it all up. Why was I scarred to know for sure what was happening to my body? Wouldn’t it be better to know and move forward armed with an arsenal of information?

By the time I began my treatments at home and started physical therapy for Multiple Sclerosis I was at peace with the diagnosis. I am sure there will be some bumps in the road but I hope I will not deviate too far from the right direction for me.


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Dorothy in Kansas said...

I had some time tonight, so I sat down and read your updated blogs. As I sat here and cried my way through reading them, I realized your stories were truly a blessing to me. We all have difficulties to face while here on earth, but it's the opportunity that we make out of those difficulties that make us what we are.

You are doing a great job with the blogs. Keep it up. I think it will help you as well as many others (even those without MS).