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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Funny Pages

I am sorry it has been so long since my last blog. Life is going by me in a flash. So much has happened in a short period of time.

I have been fortunate and found another job. I am working in a collision shop in the front office, answering the phone and doing some computer work. I like the job very much and the other people who work there are very nice to me. Again I am astounded by my good fortune.

Overall my health has been very good. I went to my youngest son’s football game the other night and a friend commented about my not using a cane. I really have not had to use it very often in the last 3 months.

Life has at times put me in difficult situations. I can laugh about them now but at times I want to cry. Laughing is easier. I had a very bad kidney infection a month ago. I was in so much pain that a few times I went down to the floor because my back hurt so badly; very different prospective from down there. I finally got to the doctor and got some medication. I went to work on Monday when I probably should have stayed home. Monday night I had taken the medication and the two different types of pain medications. I went to the rest room during the night and after washing my hands I felt light headed so I sat down at the vanity in the bathroom. Putting your head between your legs is probably not the best idea when you are on medications but more importantly putting your head between your knees is not a good idea when you have balance issues.

Before I could stop myself or even realize how stupid I was going to look, I fell forward off the stool and hit my head on the cabinets below my sink. Being the quick contortionist that I am, I caught myself. You may start laughing!!!!!!!!! I now have the back of my head up against the bathroom cabinets, my palms on the floor; I am still on my feet so my backside is sticking straight out. My husband calls from the bedroom and asks if I am alright and I say yes. What else am I supposed to say? The only thought running through my head is, “there is no way I can get up from this position.” A few quick ideas went in and out of my mind but I knew that going down to the floor was the only way out for me. I tipped over sideways on the rug making sure not to go back and hit my head on the stool. This brought my husband into the bathroom to see what all the noise was.

Now I am lying on the floor in a fetal position pouring sweat. He asks if he can help me up and I tell him, “ no, I am sweating too much and just want to stay there for a while.” I guess he has learned to leave me alone in those situations and I was fine after a while. I eventually stopped sweating and returned to bed. Thankfully I was off on Tuesday and spent most of the day in bed sleeping. By Wednesday I was well on my way to a full recovery with the exception of the visual image I had in my head of being stuck up against the cabinet with my backside in the air.

I enjoyed telling the boys about my late night adventure and how I scared their father. My sister got a good laugh out of my adventure, but she is used to me falling a lot.

One of my funny children put a sign on my iPod-touch that says, “It takes skill to trip on flat surfaces.” Well I must be one of the most skilled people around. I use my gifts to the fullest of my abilities. Next time I will tell you about being trapped under a chair at work. Please laugh with me so I have company!

See you in the funny pages,


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centenniel said...

Welcome back! I'm just glad you're well now and didn't injure yourself after that fall. Good luck on the new job. And please be careful... :)