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Super Mom
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Bad Turned GREAT!!!!

I was “let go” at my job recently. It hurt my feelings to think that they did not need me. How could they survive without me? More importantly, where would I ever find a job in my condition? Sounds like a cry-baby to me and, that is exactly what I was doing. But that all changed really quickly.

I went to the doctor a few days later and got some very encouraging news. The Dr. told me that he would not change anything I was doing or medications I was taking. I have now been over a year without a major exacerbation, my balance has improved, and my coordination is not getting worse. My mild vertigo seems to have faded away. WHAT GREAT NEWS! To me this was almost like getting a clean bill of health. I am not cured but it is not progressing at a fast rate. Again, I am blessed.

After the doctor left, I spoke with his wonderful nurse about what he said to me during the appointment. She told me that I was so positive about my MS, and she thought that is where I was making the biggest difference in my own treatment. I left the office on cloud nine and finally felt a small bit of proof that my hard work was paying off. I can do this and I will win!

My day got even better. I know you are having a hard time believing I could have gotten more good news in one day. On the way home from the doctor’s office, I received a call from the veterinarian our family pets use. I won a drawing for a free year of Sentinel, heart worm preventative. Voicing concern that she must have called the wrong person, I was quickly reassured that I had registered and won. I told her that I always register and never win but I would pick it up before she changed her mind.

I recently visited my sister in another state and stayed 3 days longer than planned since my schedule is flexible now. I have also revisited my “project” list here at home, and I have plenty of things to keep me busy for a long while. My renewed belief in my exercise and physical therapy efforts will also take some additional time since I know that it is one of my top priorities.

A secret hope of mine is that when my older son has his senior night for Basketball in 3 more years, I will be able to accompany him to mid-court without any trouble. Once I meet this first goal, then I will work on doing the same with my younger son 3 years after that. I will keep all of you posted on my progress.

Walking with a twinkle in my eye,


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