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Super Mom
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Did I forget.........

Yes I Did.

On some days my thinking has become a little foggy. It is hard to explain but you know I am going to try anyway. I feel my reaction time is a second slower than it used to be, almost like I am in a fog. I hear someone say something and I process it in outline form.

A. I hear the words reach my ears
B. Yes, they were talking to me.
C. It takes a second longer for the words to register
D. Then another second for the whole sentence or idea to process.
E. Then I need to form my reaction.
F. I either need to say something or get moving.

These are all steps that seem to take an eternity longer than they use to. We all know that feeling of someone else getting the answer or coming up with an idea a fraction of a second quicker than we do. On some days I feel that everyone is moving and reacting in a time warp a few seconds ahead of me.

This does not happen all the time but when it does I do it up right. The days are few and far between for now. I have notes written all over the place. But I need to find some way to manage everything. Current methods are not working.

I have a beautiful and kind sister who has always taken care of everyone else ahead of herself. She always makes sure I remember to mail everyone else’s Birthday cards, even before my MS. Well, she did not remind me of her own birthday today and while cleaning out my car on Sunday, I found her cards that I went to the trouble to put extra stamps on because they were a little heavy. Extra stamps do not help if you forget to mail them.

Hurting someone who goes out of her way to help me made me realize I need some help sometimes remembering small details. My calendar is not enough. I am going to complete two websites tomorrow, and Both of these have tools and techniques for staying organized and not forgetting.

To my friends, I am sorry if I have forgotten anything, no excuses please remind me.

To my sister: I Love You and am very ashamed that I could not remember to do the one thing you help me with the rest of the year. You have put up with me for 43 years and I hope I will not forget to mail the card again in the next 43 years.

WOW, we are both 43. We are the same age for 2 months out of every year. Maybe it is not the Multiple Sclerosis that is making me forget maybe I am just getting old at 43. Sorry, I forgot your 43 too so that would make us both OLD. Lots of Love!


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